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On-Line Content Disclaimer
MMM personnel provide various kinds of content that are made available in various forms of media. This Disclaimer applies to all online content of MMM personnel made available through any media and any other information and documents that specifically reference this Disclaimer, except for email communications generated directly by MMM personnel that is not intended for posting to a Web site and that was not generated by a Web site to communicate that Web site’s content to certain individuals (such as RSS feeds).
In order to increase the readability of this Disclaimer, certain words have defined meanings. Those defined terms can be found at the end of this Disclaimer.

Not Legal Advice; No Attorney-Client Relationship.
MMM content is provided for information and educational purposes only. MMM content is never intended to be applicable to the specific facts of any particular situation and is never researched for a particular situation. Providing MMM content and any use by you of the MMM content is not intended to, and does not, create an attorney-client relationship. MMM content is not a substitute for legal advice. MMM encourages you to communicate with an attorney if you have specific needs or issues of a legal nature.

Not Advertising.
Providing MMM content is not intended to be an advertising or solicitation of clients or potential clients.

MMM content is always provided under constraints of time and length.MMM content may not be complete, may not take into account all legal information that is available, and may not be accurate or up to date. Judges or other attorneys may disagree with MMM content. In order to drive home a point, encourage debate or simply entertain, MMM content may overstate or understate facts or legal propositions. Accordingly, MMM content may not reflect the opinions of the actual author, and it does not reflect the opinions or legal positions of MMM, other MMM personnel or MMM clients. MMM content is provided “as is” and without any warranty whatsoever. All express and implied warranties with respect to MMM content are expressly disclaimed.

Third Party Content and Links.
Certain MMM content may provide a link to information of third parties. MMM makes no warranties that this third party information is current, accurate or complete. All information obtained by third parties by your linking to third party Web sites are subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of those third parties. MMM does not warrant or control third parties’ use of information obtained from or provided to those third parties when you access third party Web sites.

Defined Terms.
“Disclaimer” means this Content Disclaimer;
“legal advice” means any legal, professional, financial, tax or technical advice;
“media” means Web sites, the MMM Web site, the MMM Twitter page, blogs sponsored by MMM or MMM personnel, blogs sponsored by third parties, social network postings, Twitter messages (“tweets”), chat room messages, and other forms of communication that use the underlying infrastructure of the Internet;
“MMM content” means online content provided by MMM personnel in any media together with any other information and documents that specifically reference this Disclaimer;
“MMM personnel” means the attorneys and staff at Morris, Manning & Martin, L.L.P.;
“MMM” means Morris, Manning & Martin, L.L.P.; and
“online content” means information available in electronic, audible or visual form, including articles, white papers, audio, video, webcasts, tweets, etc.

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