Basketball Players Turned Entrepreneurs

March 30th, 2012
MMM Tech Perspectives
by John Yates


How are basketball players like entrepreneurs?

Many former basketball players have entrepreneurial instincts acquired from their days as college and pro athletes.  Consider the qualities of an entrepreneur in comparison with those of a college basketball player:

1. Self-Motivated – By definition, an entrepreneur is one person – – a self-motivated, self-directed, talented individual.  Similarly, the basketball star has a healthy ego, a focus on self-fitness and an inner drive to succeed.

2. Quest for Success – The entrepreneur maintains a single-minded focus on success.  The glass is always half full and the prospect is always ready to sign up as a customer.  The basketball standout shares similar optimism – – always believing a victory can be achieved, despite the odds.  Cinderella teams in March Madness are believers in their ability to slay the bigger, more talented higher seeds.

3. Focus on Teamwork – The basketball star, like the talented entrepreneur, knows ultimate success hinges on building a strong team.  The most successful entrepreneurs and ball players possess an uncanny ability to display their individual talents on the court or in the boardroom — while encouraging their colleagues to work together to achieve a team victory.  The superstar entrepreneur/player may achieve personal success, but team orientation is critical to maintain consistent success.

In an upcoming post, I’ll give examples of how former college athletes have turned into successful business entrepreneurs – – in a wide variety of areas.

As a final note, make sure you’ve marked your calendar for April 6 – 8 and the 2013 Final Four in Atlanta!


John Yates in New Orleans on Final Four Friday