Miss. Considers $50 million Incentive for Biofuel Project

August 30th, 2010
Clean Tech/Green Energy

Comments: KiOR is different than many biofuels companies because it makes a petroleum replacement, not ethanol.  The product, which is currently produced at a demonstration plant in Texas, can be shipped in pipelines and treated in existing refineries to make gasoline or diesel equivalents.

KiOR uses a priority catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking process to convert woodchips, agricultural residue or other biomass into a petroleum substitute.   This process creates gasses that can be burned to make electricity to power the equipment. The company, which is backed by Khosla Ventures, raised $110 million to scale up its operation. Read article.


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How to live “Green” Within Your Financial Means from the Creator of Dilbert

August 24th, 2010
Clean Tech/Green Energy

While trying to build a green home, Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, ran into practical roadblocks.  Mr. Adams wanted the “greenest house on the block,” but he didn’t want to build it out of “twigs, pinecones and bird nests.”  As he writes in the Wall Street Journal, he ultimately came up with a more pragmatic definition of “green”.  His solution proposes that we live the life we want “with as much Earth-wise efficiency” as our wallets and our busy schedules allow. Read Article.

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U.S. South: Rising Cleantech Industry Powerhouse

Editor: Greg Chafee

This is an encouraging article that accurately identifies positive trends in the development of cleantech in the Southeast.  Here’s another example: with growing demand for solar energy in the Georgia Power Green Energy Program, the Public Service Commission has increased the amount of solar capacity available for purchase by the utility from only 500kw a year ago to over 5MW.  This will provide more business opportunities for manufacturers and installers and contribute to job creation and economic growth.  Another catalyst for cleantech is the important role of Georgia Tech, Clemson and other higher education institutions in promoting green start-up ventures and supporting advancements in renewable energy research. Read More