Technology Export Regulations: Key Issues for Tech Companies – Part 3

Morris, Manning & Martin attorneys Alex Woollcott and John Yates discuss key steps technology companies should take to ensure compliance with export laws.


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SOC Reports: Why, Who and How

July 18th, 2012
Sourcing & Procurement

article courtesy of Smith & Howard

The number of businesses that outsource certain tasks and functions to service organizations, like payroll processing and credit card processing, has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. While both sides – the businesses doing the outsourcing and the service providers – benefit, there is an increasing need to ensure that such providers have internal controls in place, provide adequate safeguards of data and information and have demonstrated a level of trust and commitment to compliance that the outsourcing business and its customers can rely upon. Hence, the Service Organization

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Top Ten Strategic Recommendations For Negotiating an Outsourcing Transaction

By: Alexander P. Woollcott, Esq.

Despite the fact that it is often a hot potato in certain quarters at certain times (particularly in election years), outsourcing, or as the industry prefers to refer to it now “global sourcing,” is here to stay and will likely continue to grow exponentially. The economic imperatives of sourcing are undeniable: under the right circumstances, a business enterprise can engage an outside service provider to perform an internal business or technical function or process at a much higher quality level and at

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Who Will Win the Battle — Cloud Computing or IT Outsourcing?

As Cloud Computing is adopted by corporations, will they reduce their reliance on customized applications developed by IT outsourcers? How will this impact the growth of IT outsourcing in India?

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