Yates Perspectives: Lessons from John Imlay and Sig Mosley Part I

December 8th, 2010
MMM Tech Perspectives


An historic event occurred in Atlanta on the evening of November 16th 2010 — the Technology Executives Roundtable (TER) honored Sig Mosley with the first annual John Imlay Leadership Award. The remarkable event capped the outstanding careers of John and Sig and highlighted their outstanding commitment to the technology community in Atlanta.

In this two-part series, I first include my introductory remarks about John and Sig presented at the TER event. My second blog post includes the key life lessons imparted by Sig and John during their fireside chat.


This is a special evening in the history of the Atlanta technology community. We’re recognizing Sig Mosley with the 1st annual John Imlay Leadership Award presented by the TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVES ROUNDTABLE.

John and Sig are the original pioneers of our technology community and have supported hundreds of Atlanta entrepreneurs and technology businesses. For over three decades they’ve mentored, invested, doubled down, made money (and lost some too), and nurtured most of the current generation of our technology leaders – including many in this room.

It is fitting that the first Leadership Award of TER is named in honor of John Imlay. John is renowned for being the father – – and now grandfather – – of the Atlanta technology family. Since raising Management Science America from the ashes to become a global software leader, John established a unique family culture for running a technology company. Never losing sight of Atlanta and his alma mater, Georgia Tech, John is one of the most significant benefactors in our community. He’s also legendary for his motivational — and sometimes unpredictable — presentations, making him one of the most sought after and successful tech executives in our time.

When we selected John Imlay as the namesake for the TER Leadership Award, one person was the overwhelming choice to be selected as the first recipient – – SIG MOSLEY. For over three decades, John and Sig have worked together as a dynamic duo. They share the common vision of supporting entrepreneurs in our community and paying it forward.

Sig displays all of the elements of a true leader worthy of the Imlay Leadership Award. In addition to supporting entrepreneurs through investment, Sig exercises a special blend of leadership arising from his astute financial insights – – and a unique ability to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams – without running out of money!

Over the past twenty years, Sig has also attended countless Board meetings – – some at the strangest hours – – serving as investor, mentor, financial advisor, and periodically as psychological counselor. He can always be relied on to be on top of the critical needs of the companies he serves.

The dynamic duo of John and Sig has shaped the Atlanta technology community unlike any others.

We’re all aware that John and Sig have decided to discontinue active investing and focus on their existing portfolio of companies. We’ll miss their leadership – – and their money. But their legacy will remain firmly in place through the influence, guidance and direction they’ve provided to countless entrepreneurs in the community.

Please join me now in recognizing John Imlay, the namesake of the TER Leadership Award, and our first recipient, Sig Mosley.

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