Prediction #4: “Atlanta positioning to become global blockchain capital”

By John Yates & David Calhoun / Corporate Technology Group – Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

We’ve just completed a strong year for technology companies in the Southeast – with the wind at our backs moving into 2017. It’s realistic to predict another very strong year for technology entrepreneurs in Atlanta and the Southeast. In light of MMM’s deep involvement in the Southeastern tech community, we’re sharing with you a series of predictions for 2017.

Here is the fourth of our Top 5 Predictions in 2017 for the Atlanta/Southeast Technology Community:

Prediction #4: Atlanta positioning to become global blockchain capital

In 2017, a bright spot for our region may be around blockchain technology – a distributed database of records that allow for sharing a digital ledger across a network of computers without need for a central authority. Though still early in the adoption stage, blockchain and distributed ledger technology are coming on strong as a platform for building successful businesses. Startups are ascertaining use cases, undertaking proof-of-concept initiatives and raising capital for blockchain initiatives.

With Atlanta at the center, the Southeast has the elements to become a global blockchain capital. This technology has broad applications in the areas most relevant to Atlanta — financial technology, security, virtual currency, real estate and logistics. As one blockchain trade group noted, Atlanta has been targeted as a blockchain market with a strengthening pulse. Atlanta also is the home of many Fortune 100 headquarters, companies capable of making large investments in innovative blockchain technology projects. At least one major blockchain conference will be taking place in Atlanta in 2017 and look for more concerted action by companies in the region.

2017 Prediction: Blockchain technology solutions from traditional businesses headquartered in the Southeast could lead to a new wave of startups in this area.

John Yates and David Calhoun are partners in the Corporate Technology Group of the Atlanta law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin. The firm represents leading technology clients and entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast and also hosts the SE TECH Podcast series interviewing leading start-up & fast-growth tech companies in the Southeast region.


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