Prediction #5: “Southeast Tech leaders to organize a blockbuster regional tech conference”

By John Yates & David Calhoun / Corporate Technology Group – Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

We’ve just completed a strong year for technology companies in the Southeast – with the wind at our backs moving into 2017. It’s realistic to predict another very strong year for technology entrepreneurs in Atlanta and the Southeast. In light of MMM’s deep involvement in the Southeastern tech community, we’re sharing with you a series of predictions for 2017.

Here is the final prediction of our Top 5 Predictions in 2017 for the Atlanta/Southeast Technology Community:

Prediction #5: Southeast Tech leaders to organize a blockbuster regional tech conference

2017 is the year for Southeastern tech organizations to coalesce around a unified tech event to rival South by Southwest (SXSW). We have over two dozen technology organizations/associations in cities throughout the region – Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, RTP, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Augusta, Charleston, Greenville and others. All of them are vying for a leadership role in creating a fertile environment for growing tech businesses. These groups have great intentions but often suffer from lack of financial resources.

Based on the growth of the region and tech company expansion, we can expect greater impact to be achieved through concerted efforts. With leadership coming from several of the most successful regional tech organizations like the Technology Association of Georgia (with over 35,000 members!), a steering committee could be formed. The committee could organize an annual unifying event to showcase the best and brightest of our region’s entrepreneurial communities – start-ups, fast growth businesses, technology execs and supportive government leaders. Let’s see if the Southeast is ready to unify around a common goal of catapulting the region into a role as a leading global tech community.

2017 Prediction: The leading tech organizations in the Southeast will launch a steering committee to organize a blockbuster regional tech conference.

John Yates and David Calhoun are partners in the Corporate Technology Group of the Atlanta law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin. The firm represents leading technology clients and entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast and also hosts the SE TECH Podcast series interviewing leading start-up & fast-growth tech companies in the Southeast region.


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