How to Empower Your Open Innovation Processes in Light of Patent Reform

April 29th, 2013
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The first-to-file provision of the America Invents Act, (AIA) the most significant amendment to the US patent system in 60 years, becomes effective this month. Patents will now be awarded to the first to file, rather than to the first to invent. This change has created a myriad of questions and uncertainty for organizations that collaborate with external ideation sources.

Are you and your organization prepared to deal with the impact and changes that this law has created? Join us on May 2nd at 11:00 ET for an informative webinar with open innovation thought leaders Cheryl Perkins, president of Innovationedge, and Peter von Dyck, CEO of e-Zassi. Providing a legal perspective will be John Harris, a senior partner in the Technology/IP Group of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP a leading patent and intellectual property firm.

During this interactive session they will provide their collective insight of the ramifications of this dramatic shift in patent policy, and how you and your organization can succeed in open innovation.

• What are the largest obstacles to implementing an open innovation program in light of the America Invents Act?
• What is the impact of AIA on OI from both the receivers and submitters perspective?
• What are the ramifications of AIA and how are organizations getting prepared for it.
• Is it still possible to have an effective OI program with the new patent reform?

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