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  • FTC strikes back against Patent Trolls MPHJ Technology Investments LLC, which has threatened to sue thousands of small businesses over its scanner patents, and its law firm agreed Thursday to not use deceptive tactics in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, in the agency's first action against a so-called patent troll.
  • Apple Patents Flexible Display Input Methods Apple has patented a way for a computing device to pick up input when a flexible display is bent or reshaped in some way, according to a new filing published by the USPTO today.

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  • Will Atlanta Become A Hotbed For Startups? Atlanta’s ecosystem for early stage startups has exponentially improved in recent years.
  • Where are the start-ups? The entrepreneurship rate, defined as the number of new firms in a given year as a share of all firms, has been in persistent decline for decades (15% in the late 1970’s, 8% in 2012).

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  • GoPro Stock Whipsawed By Analyst Comments Shares of GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) continued their wild ride Tuesday into the night, soaring to a new high of 98.47 intraday, reversing lower before closing modestly higher at 93.85 on the stock market.
  • Rocket Internet’s IPO Apes Alibaba in Shooting for Orbit Investors may be wooed by the growth trajectory of Rocket Internet, billed as the largest initial public offering in Germany since the financial crisis. More challenging might be to understand what's really powering Rocket.

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  • ’99 vs. ’14 | An on the Field Perspective For every fledgling startup I come across is another that has just secured venture funding, expanded their workforce exponentially, or landed a major partner. Amid the chest bumps and high fives there has been rumblings of “this seems is too good to last” and “are we headed for a bust?”
  • Georgia vs. Florida – The Game of VC Financing The Georgia vs. Florida football game is a traditional rivalry for football dominance in the Southeast. In honor of the upcoming game, let’s explore how these two states compare in creating an environment for entrepreneurs to raise venture capital.

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