Webinar | The Government Market – Too Big To Ignore

The Government Market—Too Big To Ignore

Andrew Mohr and Kelly Kroll with MMM’s Government Contracts group in Washington, DC discuss how to win business from federal, state and local governments. In this 60-minute discussion, Kroll and Mohr review:
• How can my company generate revenue from the US government?
• Do we need to get a GSA schedule, and if so, how do I get one?
• How do I find a prime contractor that I can subcontract with for government contract work?
• Is my tech company a “small business” under federal guidelines?

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Five Takeaways from MIT Business of Blockchain (April 22-23 / Boston, MA)

By: Rachel Neufeld

The MMM Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group was recently in attendance at the MIT Business of Blockchain event, kicking off an exciting spring tour of conferences focusing on this promising new technology.

5 takeaways from the event:

1. There are many different types of blockchains.
The word “blockchain” is a catchall phrase that describes a type of distributed ledger technology that uses cryptography to secure its data in an immutable way. There are many different types of blockchains: public blockchains, private blockchains, and permissioned blockchains. These blockchains use different consensus mechanisms (e.g. proof of work and proof of stake) and different

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MMM’s Austin Mills discusses Blockchain’s legal issues and his role as chair of the firm’s Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Group


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency represent a potential paradigm shift in the way we transact with each other. The number of potential uses is wide-ranging and open-ended — it’s a reality that could disrupt any industry that involves the movement of data or value. Most industries and business models will at least be exposed to blockchain technology.

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Southeast GC Forum – “Drone Laws & Regulation”

January 14 – MMM will host a Southeast GC Forum entitled, “Drone Laws & Regulation: Believe It or Not, They are Likely to Impact Your Business.” John Fry, co-founder of the firm’s Drone Practice Group, is a featured speaker. The event will take place from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and will be held in the Agora Room. Jeff Douglass and Tony Roehl will also present.

A recording of this seminar can be found here.

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Intellectual Property: What to Know

Intro – Intellectual Property: What to Know


Part 1 – Intellectual Property: What to Know (Ownership of IP Rights and the Work for Hire Doctrine)


Part 2 – Intellectual Property: What to Know (Copyrights & Contracts)


Part 3 – Intellectual Property: What to Know (Copyright Transfer)


Part 4 – Intellectual Property: What to Know (Copyright Registration)


Part 5 – Intellectual Property: What to Know (Adding Copyright Notices) from Read More