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Social Networking as a Legal Tool

Social NetworkingPractical Pointer: Tapping in to the realm of social networking by developing an online presence can be a highly effective legal tool.

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NEW Serving Entrepreneurial Clients in High-Tech, Fast-Growth Companies">NEW Serving Entrepreneurial Clients in High-Tech, Fast-Growth Companies

Practical Pointer: It is sometimes necessary to look beyond the legal issues when serving entrepreneurial clients in high-tech, fast-growth companies.

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Interview with John Yates on Business Development — Keys to Winning Business

Highlights: John Yates provides his insights on winning business and importance of customer contact.

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Georgia Restrictive Covenant Act: Impact on Tech Companies and Entrepreneurs Part I

11612_wpm_hiresPractical Pointers on what you should know about the GA Restrictive Covenant Act.

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“Slow Growth”: Embracing Project Management

Practical pointers for encouraging your firm to embrace project management.

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Building Efficiency, Controlling Costs through “Legal Project Management”

Project Management in a legal practice can increase productivity, cut costs and save valuable time.

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Georgia Appellate Court Finds Hawks-Thrashers Sale Verbal Agreement Binding

Practical Pointer: One should be circumspect in negotiating deals, even when written agreement is expected.

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